Matt Ai

Matt AI What the heck is Matt ai? Is Matt Ai a Scam or is it a Dare? Is Matt AI going to be the Most Wanted software product available in today’s elusive cryptocurrency market and what other Artificial Intelligence… Continue Reading


Bitlocity Launch

Bitlocity Launch – 2021 The official Bitlocity Launch was opened up to the founders (who had pre-registered) on Friday, February 26 2021. Everyone else who had preregistered behind the founders lined up to get officially registered on Saturday, February 27.… Continue Reading


Bitlocity Pre-Launch

BitLocity Pre-Launch Have you heard of Bitlocity?  If you haven’t then you soon will. It is currently in Pre-Launch and what you can do is reserve your seat before launch without any cost or obligation for when the official launch… Continue Reading


Shakepay Review

Shakepay Review: Shakepay is the easiest way for Canadians to buy or sell Bitcoin and Ethereum on a platform that is easy to use and extremely user friendly. Buy in minutes using Interac E-Transfer and cash out to your bank… Continue Reading


Is Africa Ready for Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin Ready for Africa? Updated September 2020 If you are reading this post, it means that you are probably interested in learning more about Bitcoin and the Blockchain Technology behind it. Also, you probably want to know what happened… Continue Reading

D9Clube Advanced – Scam

Purchase of Multiple D9 Club Packages Updated September 2020 Hi, Paul Mindra here again, your host and guide. This post is an addendum to “D9Clube came to Canada in 2016”. It was originally posted back in 2017. Many members of… Continue Reading