Bitlocity Pre-Launch

BitLocity Pre-Launch

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Have you heard of Bitlocity?  If you haven’t then you soon will. It is currently in Pre-Launch and what you can do is reserve your seat before launch without any cost or obligation for when the official launch occurs in late January to February 2021.


My name is Paul Mindra and I’ll be your host and guide here on this website, Scam Or Dare.

Before I get started with the Bitlocity Pre-launch I would like to give you full disclosure of my efforts on-line.

I have been online in the Internet Marketing Industry since 2016 and I promote amongst other things an open education platform that teaches people how to make money consistently online selling or promoting other peoples products and services. My home online is Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate is actually not a credited university, but I like to call it such because of what I am learning there and of what others are learning also.

They teach us how to build websites and create original content to drive organic traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It’s a great choice for those that want to own ‘Real Estate’ online.

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In compliance with the FTC guidelines, anytime I direct you with a link that makes me money, I will let you know first hand through a disclosure alert.

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BitLocity Pre-Launch

Image links to the BitLocity Pre-Launch page.

Click on the image above to reserve your seat for The BitLocity Launch

Let me tell you a story about someone that is going to tell you a story.

His name is Brian.

Brian has been in the ‘home-based business’ arena for over 25 years.

He started as a very successful field representative hitting the top position in several companies and his knowledge of the industry made him a sought after commodity as a trainer, an industry consultant and a corporate executive. I’ll direct you to one of his webinars addressing the Bitlocity Pre-Launch further down on this post.

In this capacity as a specialist, he has helped companies build massive distribution networks throughout North, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

He has personally coached many six and seven-figure industry superstars that we all might know and admire and he is very accomplished in his areas of expertise.

Reserve Your Free Seat Here During The Pre-Launch.

Read BitLocity Reviews Here (Coming Soon)

Brian’s Take

Image links to the BitLocity Free Registration Page

Click on the image above to reserve your free seat for the prelaunch.

“Hi, my name is Brian and I’ll tell you something…

We’re in the middle right now of this incredible period in the Genesis of BitLocity.

We’re developing all the behind the scene things that we’re gonna need to make this the most impactful opportunity and the most impactful platform that we’ve ever been affiliated with or associated with, in our lives.

I know that a lot of people say that about all opportunities starting out but I think that as you start really going through and looking at what BitLocity has already, you’re going to understand that it is nothing compared to what BitLocity will have when we launch….”

Watch The Intro Video Below. BitLocity Digital Age.

BitLocity Video Run Time – 2:00

“…After we launch, we’re going to keep building on this platform and keep giving you more and more value, and more and more content to make sure that we are constantly staying ahead of the curve.

I know some of you have seen some of our videos already. But if you haven’t, watch the one below to get a better idea….”

Reserve Your Free Seat Here During The Pre-Launch.

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Earn Bitcoin Fast And Easy With BitLocity.

BitLocity – The Perfect Compensation Plan?

Video Run Time: 6:45

“What if you can design the ‘Perfect Compensation Plan?’…

…A compensation plan that did one thing extremely well. What would that one thing be?

Maybe something for the little guy?

Just imagine showing someone who’s not great at recruiting how they could still earn an endless stream of perpetual profits or maybe you can do something for the masses like creating a system where they could take a small amount of money and by using leverage turn it into an absolute fortune fast.

Or you can do something for the leaders.

Something that would attract the best team builders in the world by creating a way where they could not just profit from their own efforts but profit from the efforts of everyone in the company.

BitLocity offers 14 different packages that you can purchase that start at just $25.00 USD in Bitcoin and go all the way up to $100,00.00 USD in Bitcoin. The idea in this model for those that like to build is to work your way up the scales and have your teams do the same by following you.”

The image links to the Bitlocity pre-launch page.

Click on the image above to reserve your seat in the worldwide pre-launch.

The first two packages $25.00 and $50.00 fall under the “Infinity Line” portion of the BitLocity Compensation Plan and are designed for the ‘little guy’ that is not into recruiting.

Reserve Your Free Seat Here During The Pre-Launch.

[Please note that there is a $25.00 USD annual fee to participate in the BitLocity Compensation Plan]

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The Infinity Line

Image links to the BitLocity Pre-Launch

Click on the image above to reserve your seat for the BitLocity Pre-Launch.

The infinity line is a straight line consisting of every single person who joins the Bitlocity community across the entire world.

You purchase the twenty-five dollar package and are placed in the line with an exact timestamp of your completed purchase. Someone on the other side of the world might join one second after you.

They are placed directly behind you in the line and that process goes on and on.

You receive a payment of $25.00 in Bitcoin directly from the two people behind you. One of the payments will be sent directly to your bitcoin wallet as profit. The other payment will buy you a new position at the back of the line.

As the line continues to grow and as more people continue to cycle around back behind you, the process can happen again and again allowing you to earn $25.00 USD in Bitcoin over and over again.

The same thing happens on the $50.00 level. This can occur an infinite number of times even if you have never recruited anyone.

It does not matter who sponsored you, recruited you or told you about it. This is one global seamless line that will allow everybody to basically capitalize off of all of the growth that is going on globally everywhere in the world.

Reserve Your Free Seat Here During The BitLocity Pre-Launch.

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The Dual-Sided Maximum Leverage Plan

Image links to the Bitlocity pre-launch reservation page.

Click on the image above to reserve your seat during the Bitlocity pre-launch.

Starting at the $75.00 package and going all the way up to the $100,000.00 level, you now get to participate in the dual-sided maximum leverage portion of the BitLocity Compensation Plan.

On the left side is the high powered Unilevel where everyone you personally refer takes the next available frontline position once they upgrade to the $75.00 level or above.

The Unilevel will start to be flooded with Bitcoin. All of the payments from all of the people on your front line are yours to keep and are instantly sent to your bitcoin wallet. This is regardless of how big the payments are and of what level you are at the time.

The only exception will be the payments from your 3rd and 10th personal referrals. Those payments (not the people) pass up to your personal sponsor. This is an awesome feature. This means that the 3rd and 10th referrals of all your people will be passing up all of their Unilevel payments to you.

On the right side is the Bitlocity 1 X 3 – speed matrix with your position at the top and 3 open positions directly underneath it. The first payment to enter the matrix is $100.00 and is sent to your bitcoin wallets

The second payment is also $100.00 and is yours and sent directly to your bitcoin wallet.

The third payment goes up to your personal sponsor and will cycle you thereby opening up a brand new matrix for you under your sponsor. This can happen again and again creating an endless stream of bitcoin flowing into your wallet.

The best part is that every time you upgrade to a package of $75.00 or higher, you open up a brand new speed matrix at that level so eventually, you could have multiple different matrices all operating at the same time sending bitcoin payments to your wallet.

So how does BitLocity send the payments from your referrals into your dual-sided Compensation Plan?

It’s simple. Every upgrade of $75.00 or higher from your referrals will go through the same exact process.

The Bitlocity system will deduct a $10.00 ‘profit & promotion’ fee from the upgrade account (more on that in a minute). The remainder will be instantly split 50/50 with half being sent into your Unilevel and the other half being sent to your appropriate speed matrix.

For example:

Let’s say that you have purchased all the packages up to the $1,000.00 level and now one of your personal referrals upgrades to the $1,000.00 level as well.

The ‘profit and promotion’ fee of $10.00 will be deducted right away. The remaining $990.00 is split evenly with $495.00 going to your Unilevel and $495.00 in bitcoin will be sent to your $1,000.00 speed matrix.

Both sides of the compensation plan are working simultaneously and perpetually 24 hours a day, 7 days per week depositing bitcoin into your wallet over and over again.

This not only provides you with profit, but it also provides the capital to buy up higher pack levels so you can benefit from higher-level matrix payments as your referrals continue to upgrade.

Reserve Your Free Seat Here For BitLocity.

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Profit & Promotion Fee

Image links to the Bitlocity Pre-Launch page.

Click on the image above to secure your seat during the pre-launch.

Now, about that $10.00 ‘Profit and Promotion’ fee.

Here at BitLocity, we wanted to guarantee two things.

First, we wanted to make sure the company is profitable enough to last for generations providing the greatest economic engine that has ever existed in this space.

Second, we wanted the number one ‘Leadership Attraction’ feature in the entire crypto universe so $5.00 of that fee will go into our ‘monthly top recruiter pool.’

Think about that for a second.

$5.00 for every upgrade of $75.00 and above from every BitLocity member in the entire world with no cap. That means it could eventually be thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars of bitcoin being split by the top 10 recruiters for that month.

The best part is that each month starts a whole new qualification, so new leaders will always have the opportunity to qualify and consistent leaders that are ‘crushing’ it could have a chance to participate multiple times.

So there you have it:

  • The ‘Global Infinity Line’ for the little guy;
  • The ‘Dual-Sided’ wealth-creation machine for the masses; and
  • A way to attract and reward the best leaders on the planet.

There has never been a compensation plan like this in history and there will never be a success story like the one that Bitlocity is about to create.

BitLocity intends to create more bitcoin millionaires than any other project and they intend to do it fast.

So let me ask you…” are you ready to build a potential fortune? Are you ready to participate in the best Bitcoin accumulation model that has ever existed? Then welcome to BitLocity. Prepare to finally move at the speed of success.”

BitLocity Pre-Launch. Reserve Your Free Seat Here.

If you need a more detailed explanation of what Brian is talking about, watch the BitLocity Webinar below:

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Webinar Overview (Replay)

Video Run Time: 41:23

The First Peer To Peer Crypto Rewards Program Is Launching Soon! Learn & Earn from the fast-rising value of Bitcoin with “No Recruiting Required”.

In the video, Brian says:

Brian says:

“…Forecasters out there are actually forecasting that the blockchain technology and all the different things it’s going to reach in internet security, healthcare, pharmaceutical industry etc., is going to add 1.76 trillion dollars over the next decade and as a result of that happening (1.76 trillion added – not replaced), there is about to be a wave of wealth that’s going to run around this globe like nothing before in history….”

“…BitLocity was developed by a group of heart-centric entrepreneurs that were concerned that most people would not be in a position to capitalize on that coming tsunami of wealth and as a result, those entrepreneurs got together with some really talented developers and they basically put together Bitlocity which is a platform that offers two powerful and critical pieces:

A world-class educational platform that’s going to prepare our community to recognize and understand these future blockchain opportunities before the masses and the premier peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform which by the way is probably why most people are here.” – Brian

Reserve Your BitLocity Seat Here During The Pre-Launch.

Once you register, you will receive a verification email. After verification, you can then login to your back office to get your own referral link.

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What You Need To Do To Be Prepared For The Launch

Prior to the launch, you need to have the following in place:

  1. You need to be registered;


and you will see the following below.

  • Create a username (write it down) – for example, mine is my last name “mindra”
  • Enter a ‘real and valid’ email (that is how you will be contacted)
  • Enter Your first and last name
  • Enter your phone number
  • Create a Password (write it down)
  • Confirm your password


Only one account per person per IP Address. Once you register, you will have access to a temporary back office. From there you should join the BitLocity Telegram (desktop and mobile app) for updates and webinar schedules.

Only one account per person per IP Address. Once you register, join the BitLocity Telegram Group for updates and webinar schedule using the link provided there.

This is important as future Bitlocity information will be served through this medium. Learn more about Telegram Here.

2. You will need a Bitcoin Wallet. If you do not already have a Bitcoin wallet, you will need to get one. I use the following two services:

3. You will now need to fund your bitcoin wallet for this program. Here are my suggestions:

  • If you are not a network builder (meaning you do not recruit) you will need to fund your wallet with $100.00 (plus a little bit more for BTC transactions) so let’s say $105.00 USD to be safe. This will take care of the annual membership fee and open up level 1 and 2 to earn passive income from the worldwide memberships.
  • If you are a Network Builder, my suggestion is that you load your wallet with $180.00 USD. This will take care of the annual membership, the first 2 levels of passive income and level 1 of the dual matrix platform plus any transaction fees of using bitcoin.

4. Buy bitcoin and load your bitcoin wallet. Where you buy it, is up to you. I live in Canada and have found the most convenient way to buy through a company called Shakepay.  This company is highly recommended but serves only the Canadian population at this time.

The Image links to Shakepay.

The Best And Easiest Way To Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum In Canada. Click on the image above.

5. Learn, Learn, Learn. Educate yourself while waiting. Communicate with others. We Learn by Doing (Faciendo Discimus).

If you have any questions or concerns or just want to learn more, please use the comments section below.

Thanking you in advance for your attention.


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