Mega Capital Ltd Review

Mega Capital Ltd Review

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In this Megacapital Ltd review, we will try to find out who they are and whether they are a scam-or-dare.
According to their website, “we are a leading financial investment platform focusing on various aspects of finance and wealth management…”
Megacapital Ltd is a private Limited Liability Company established on 17th October 2021 and was incorporated on the same date.
They have a simple and efficient way to invest and manage assets, maintain records, and have access to bank term deposits listed on major exchanges and stock markets throughout the world. Furthermore, they provide access to reports, analysis tools, and high-touch client/customer services through a team of over 72 highly trained service staff.
Again, according to their literature, they provide access to over 4,000 funds and assets listed on major capital markets. These include and are not limited to:
  • Forex Trading;
  • Real Estate Investments;
  • Gold, Silver, and other precious metals;
  • Retirement Planning;
  • Loans and Grants;
  • Medicinal Cannabis;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Oil & Gas; and
  • Much more.

Pretty impressive right?

Let’s delve in and see what we can find out.

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Mega Capital Ltd “Live Chat”

I decided to check out the live chat function on their site to try to get answers to some simple and reasonable questions.

I wanted to know:

  • What major markets and exchanges that they were listed on and under what ticker symbols;
  • I also wanted to know where the Mega Capital headquarters were and who were the principals involved.

Find below, the conversation with their “Live Chat Bot”.  What’s more, I used an email account reserved for “Spam” emails to introduce myself.

As you can see, I got nowhere. Their live chat is a “Free” Bot that you can program to answer certain questions with a corresponding answer. As you can see from the above, their Bot was not programmed to answer my questions.
Incidentally, when I returned a few days later, the “chat” function on their website had been removed.

Red flag number 1.

Mega Capital Ltd Headquarters

I had a bit of a challenge digging this up.

Again, all I could find out from their website is that they established their LLC on 17th October 2021 and incorporated the same day. They listed their address as being in Kington, Kington, United Kindom.

So I googled “Mega Capital Ltd, Kington, Kington United Kingdom” and got the following:

Ok, so now It looks like I have the right corporation, MegaCapital Ltd, and their address is in Kington, UK.

They are located as a Private Limited Company at:

61 Bridge Street, Kington Kington

United Kingdom


So now I “Googled” the address.

What a surprise.

Here’s what this address looked like in 2011.

Here is what it looks like now:

Ghost Mail is a mail forwarding, parcel handling, and registered office facilities service.
What’s more, there are 89 active and 8 inactive companies using this service and Mega Capital Ltd. is not one of them.
I am really confused about a multi-million dollar company registered in a mailbox.
Red flag number 2.

ScamDoc Analysis Of The Mega Capital Ltd Website

The image links to https://www.scamdoc.com

Click on the image above to visit the ScamDoc website.

Scamdoc is a web tool that evaluates “digital identities” reliability (email address or website).

It provides answers to questions frequently asked by Internet users. You can check to see if a website is reliable or not, how to detect fraudulent emails, and how much to trust a website or an Internet correspondent.

The use of ScamDoc is free and unlimited. As such, this site can be used by anybody who wishes to get some information before purchasing or during an exchange with an unknown contact.

ScamDoc uses a web service called ScamPredictor. It is an algorithm developed by the Scamwatcher.com platform team which uses an artificial intelligence classification system. Just enter an e-mail or a website URL to get a detailed report with a trust score!

Here are the results for the Mega Capital Ltd Wesite:

Doesn’t look too good, does it?

The site is suspected to be a source of SPAM, is less than 6 months old, and has been purchased on a year-to-year renewal standard.

It is important to note that the site is less than 1 year old even though the company registered two years earlier.

Red flag number 3.

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Mega Capital Ltd Investment Plans

As we can see, Mega Capital Ltd has an extensive range of investment opportunities.
The “Key” word to keep in mind here is “Invest.”

They offer Invest opportunities in the following and more:

  • CFDs on FX
  • Commodities
  • Shares
  • ETFs and more

Low costs, fast execution, and 24/7 support.

They have over $91 million in transactions, 49.6 thousand active accounts, through 1.2 + thousand running days. Let us ask ourselves something. Should not these figures be a “running live” feature on their website?

I have checked it over a few days and these numbers remain constant. Does that not mean that there is no actual activity?

Red flag number four.

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The Mega Capital Ltd Cryptocurrency Plans

The image links to https://www.gettyimages.ca/photos/cryptocurrency

Click on the image above to go to Getty Images.


Cryptocurrency is very dear to my heart and I have been involved in it since 2016 when I bought 10 BTC at plus or minus $600.00 USD each. Bitcoin as I write is at almost $25,000.00 USD per coin.

It went as high as $64,000.00 in 2021. I liquidated 9 of my coins at $38 to $44,000,00 per coin. I did not think at that time it would go as high as $64,000.00 per coin.

Remember that there are only so many BTCs that can be mined. What is more important to know is that 1 BTC can be divided into 100,000,000 Satoshis.
In the distant future, people will not be buying BTC, they will be buying a Satoshi. I still have 100,000,000 Satoshis.

You do not want to lose your BTC and other ALT currencies to “Bad Actors” on the Internet.

Let’s get back to the Mega Capital Cryptocurrency Plans.

The Bronze Plan:

Minimum Investment $100 – $25,999.00

Daily Profit 1.3% daily = 474.5 % Yearly

Duration: 5 days – meaning we have to wait 5 days before we can withdraw.

The referral Bonus is 5% for bringing in others between $100 – $25,999.00

The next level is,

The Silver Plan:

Minimum Investment is $26,000 – $49,990.00

Daily profit is 1.5% daily = 547.50 % Yearly.

Duration: 6 days – meaning we have to wait 6 days before we can withdraw.

The referral bonus is 6% for bringing in others between $26,000 – $49,999.00

Do we see the problem here with this model?


Let me point it out and at the same time, keep in the back of our minds the “Value of $1.oo,”

We invest $25,999.oo in Btc into the program @ 1.3% daily.
That means that I earn $337.99 per day ( 25,999 X 0.013 = 337.99).

Because there is a “duration period” of 5 days, this means that I cannot withdraw until the 6th day.
By then, I can withdraw $1,689.94 ($337.99 X 5 = $1,689.94)

For simplicity’s sake, we will withdraw monthly.

Our account is earning $337.99 per day which means $123,336.35 per year ($377.99 X 365 = $123,336.35)

That means that my original investment of $25,999.00 has earned me a net gain of $97,337.35 ($123,336.35  minus $25999.00).

Is this possible? No. But let’s continue.

Now, if we add $1 and invest $26,000 here is what happens in the “Silver” plan:

By investing $26,000.00 instead of $25,999.00 we are now going to earn 1.5% daily or 547.50% annually(1.5% times 365 = 547.50%)

To make the math shorter that would mean that by adding just $1 the numbers change dramatically.

$26,000.00 X 1.5% = $390.00 daily

Equals $142, 350.00 Annually with a net gain of $116,350.00 ($142,350.oo minus $26,000.00).

By adding $1 we have made an additional $19,012.65.

This model is not sustainable.

Click on the text here to link to another similar model that has already stopped paying out.

The image links to https://scam-or-dare.com/srexter-investments-review

click on the image above to read the Srexter review.

Red flag number five.
These HYIPs (High yield Investment programs) are very dangerous territory, especially when combined with cryptocurrency because once your BTC (for example) is gone, it is gone. And you do not know who it went to.

I am not going to waste any more of my time or yours on this company and will summarize below.

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Summary Of Mega Capital Ltd Review.

Links to https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/pmindra

Click on the image above to view my home online.

Hi, Your Admin here on this site, Paul Mindra

Is MegaCapital Ltd a Scam or a Dare?

Well with 5 Red flags without even going into detail, I say that Mega Capital Ltd is a Pure Scam, but if you “Dare” to try it, do so with your “Big-Boy” pants on.

Meaning, don’t cry after the fact and keep any finger-pointing directed back to you.

There are a few legitimate opportunities available online to better your presence in life. Unfortunately, they are not “Get Rich Quick.”

For those looking for “Quick” options, especially in the Cryptocurrency/Forex/Binary options markets I can only offer some guidance.

If you suspect that an individual or firm selling an investment or offering advice is not registered in their proper jurisdiction, stop dealing with them immediately. If someone who has approached you to invest tells you they are registered, check NRS and with the registered firm they say they represent.

National Registry Search (Canada)

Some Guidelines that you should consider:

  • Returns that are “too good to be true” probably are. Bad actors often try to hook people by guaranteeing extremely high returns in a short period of time with little or no risk.
  • Bad Actors who promote fraudulent schemes don’t want to give you any time to figure out their game. They may also pressure you to invest a little at first. Once you invest, they will then come back looking for a larger amount.
  • Bad Actors may offer to help you with your investment account or ask for remote access to your computer or mobile device. Giving out your account information to these Bad Actors, or allowing them to access your computer or mobile device is extremely risky. It could result in fraud and/or identity theft.
  • Be wary of investments that are promoted as exclusive offers only to you and select people, like wealthy insiders, have access to them. Bad Actors like to name-drop or say they have access to famous or rich people when promoting an investment.
  • If an investment advisor or individual says they are giving you “confidential” investment advice, they may actually be deceiving you or their employer. Both put you at risk. It is illegal to knowingly trade on inside information.
  • If a firm or individual from outside of Canada is trying to open an account for you, wants to give you trading or investment advice, or is offering you an investment, be extremely wary. Brokerage firms need to register with your province or territory as dealers or advisors in order to open trading accounts or recommend investments to you.
  • Anti-establishment – Any individual who encourages you to subvert the government or avoid financial institutions is most likely trying to keep their illegal activities from being tracked.
  • Cutting out the paper trail. Without documents for investment purchases, statements, or a prospectus (a formal document that explains the details of an investment and the risks involved), a Bad Actor can easily take your money without being detected.

If the person/company selling you the investment doesn’t answer your questions or they use diversionary tactics, they’re probably trying to keep you from seeing the truth. A legitimate investment has nothing to hide.

I trust that this review was helpful.

If you want to turn something on your mind into a passion, and then into a striving business, you need some guidance.

Click Here to Learn before you remove the “L.”

Kindest regards,

Paul Mindra.

Wealthy Affiliate ID 39CB2D34

AKA The Forensic Affiliate

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