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Updated August 2020

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Hi and welcome to my About Paul Mindra page here at the Scam Or Dare Website. I will be your host and guide here.

I was born in The Republic Of India and arrived in Canada via the United Kingdom back in 1969.

As a former Career Hospitality Worker, most of my working years were spent employed as a Professional Chef.

Please see my hospitality journey here on another of my websites.

The Food & Beverage Industry was all I knew and it came to an end around 2010 due to something we take for granted, neglect of our failing health.

Diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2014, I have gone through all of the treatment protocols advised by my rheumatologist…NSAIDs, DMARDs, and even METHOTREXATE injections. All of these had little effect on the pain and swelling of the joints but took their toll on certain other organs of the body.

Finally, in mid-2018 I was introduced to BIOLOGICS in the form of Cosentyx Injections and I have been 95% “Flare-Up” free ever since. For the other 5% of the times, PREDNISONE does the job.

Unable to go back to my lifelong career as a professional chef, I have been working online since the middle of 2016 building out websites and learning all I can about marketing other people’s products and services.

My home online is a place called The Wealthy Affiliate and if you are interested in getting started online, I recommend that you have a serious look at their platform.

There are no scams at Wealthy Affiliate.

I dare you to try it for free.

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On this site, I would like to explore “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly” as it relates to opportunities to make money.

The ultimate goal is to scour through as many of the opportunities available in Affiliate, Network, and Multi-level Marketing and come up with a shortlist of ones to explore further.

Welcome to the Scam or Dare website.

Paul Mindra


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  1. Good Morning Paul,

    On your Covid-19 post I found a link to BBC Future, the impact of corona virus on the environment. That is an issue that interests me. The moment humanity stopped moving the many ways it knows how, Mother Earth showed signs of recovering. The swans and fish came back to the lagoons of Venice. The Himalayan mountains became visible at a big distance again.
    Sitting in my workroom, I could clearly see the mountains in the background as there came no pollution from Malaga drifting inland.
    It did not last long, but the pollution is back and I wonder when will we learn. Not even the pandemic with the following crisis makes us understand we have to take better care of the environment as it is the habitat for future generations.
    The masks and plastic gloves are now part of the garbage we carelessly throw away. It is floating in the Mediterranean Sea, so sad.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi, Taetske.
      “The masks and plastic gloves are now part of the garbage we carelessly throw away. It is floating in the Mediterranean Sea, so sad.”

      I could not agree with you more. I see it all over the place here where I live in Southern Ontario.
      And the thing is that nobody wants to get close to it.

      There was a time that I would go around the neighbourhood and pick up litter on my daily walks.

      Now even I show apprehension.

      Thank you kindly for stopping by to say hello and leaving your comment.

      It is valued.


  2. Thanx Paul
    I need more info on D9
    I would like to invest like kshs 2 million
    Your take?

    • Hi, Kaari.
      Thank you for your comment.

      You would only require about 213,000 Kshs to set up each account.
      100% of that would have to be in Bitcoin. So, approximately 0.54 Btc.

      If however, you joined under someone that is already a member with back office money (points),
      only half of the $2050.00 USD would be required in Bitcoin and the remaining have could be converted by your sponsor in points.

      Yes, seems complicated.

      I am in Canada.

      What part of the World are you in?

      Depending where you are, I can connect you with someone already there.

      Let me know.

      Kindest regards,


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