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Updated August 2020

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Hi and welcome.

My name is Paul Mindra and I will be your host and guide here on this website.

I am a former career Hospitality Worker.  Most of my working years were spent in helping myself and guiding others how they too could do as well as myself within the Hospitality Industry.

Please see my journey here.

Like most, I started at the bottom and worked myself up.

That is the beauty and spirit of being able to live in an environment that allows for growth, acceptance and change.

I am in Canada.

Canada has been my home since 1969 and the Sothern part of Ontario is where I am and where I will probably finish my journey unless someone gives me an opportunity to see Africa.

I view “Africa” as the “New Frontier.”

I arrived in Canada from The Republic Of India via the United Kingdom back in 1969 as I mentioned before.

Below are some of my past accomplishments in the Hospitality Industry dating back to 1980:

What an Industry it was.  One of the most robust in the world when I was there.

10 years later, there is a pandemic.

I reach out to all my brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children that rely on the ‘Hospitality Industry’ moving forward that times are going to be very difficult. Think twice, act once.

“May we all live long and prosper.”  – anonymous paul.

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The Scam Or Dare website is a Work In Progress

Websites are a living organism.

While I concede that websites are not actually living or breathing, I invite you to look at websites in a perspective that allows understanding why it is so important to grow, foster and maintain your website with the same respect as a living thing.

The purpose of this site will be to explore Internet Marketing. More specifically in the areas of Affiliate, Network and Multi-Level-Marketing. I will try to show you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about making money both online and off.

This site will also provide advertising space for companies, affiliates, leaders and distributors alike to advertise their wares with links, videos and banners to their respective ventures.

I will provide the information as accurately as I can and it will be up to you to determine whether what we are uncovering is truth, a scam or a dare.

Your comments and feedback will be valued so we can separate the Good from the Bad and the Ugly.

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December 2019 – Truth, Scam or Dare

Click play on the image below to get a live update on what is happening in the world of COVID-19.

“In December 2019, the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province which has a population of 11 million and is China’s seventh-largest city became the centre of a pneumonia outbreak of unknown cause, with global implications and ongoing impact…”

Watch a reference slide show presented by Medscape here.

The Slideshow will be updated as events, diagnostic testing, treatment and recommendations continue to evolve.

It is a sad truth that any large-scale health crisis will spawn its own misinformation on an epic scale.

So is there any truth to this global pandemic commonly known as COVID-19 or is it just a scam or dare?

I remember back in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s the spread of “dangerous lies about Aids – from the belief that the HIV virus was created by a government laboratory to the idea that the HIV tests were unreliable, and even the spectacularly unfounded theory that it could be treated with goat’s milk. These claims increased risky behaviour and exacerbated the crisis.”

Source BBC.com – Why smart people believe in Coronavirus myths.

Now, we are seeing a fresh inundation of fake news – this time around the coronavirus pandemic.

One poll in March 2020 found that 13% believed the COVID-19 crisis was a hoax and almost 50% believed that the epidemic might be manmade.

I call this to be a form of information overload. When thoughts flow freely and smoothly people have a tendency to nod along and agree. I see the same thing happening in internet marketing. You can see that a particular product is a complete scam but because of the way it is presented, it appears real.

“…Misinformation will include descriptive language or vivid personal stories. It will also feature just enough familiar facts or figures – such as mentioning the name of a recognised [authoritative] body – to make the lie within feel convincing, allowing it to tether itself to our previous knowledge.”

Think before sharing information

“When it comes to our own online behaviour, we might try to disengage from the emotion of the content and think a bit more about its factual basis before passing it on. Is it based on hearsay or hard scientific evidence? Can you trace it back to the original source? How does it compare to the existing data? And is the author relying on the common logical fallacies to make their case?”

-David Robson

Stop the spread

As an award-winning science site, BBC Future is committed to bringing you evidence-based analysis and myth-busting stories around the new coronavirus. You can read more of their Covid-19 coverage here.

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Note: Important – Please Read

The views and opinions contained in the advertisements on this site belong solely to the individual advertiser and do not reflect our views and opinions.
Please read the entire disclaimer here:

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More To Come

This site was formerly called www.d9club. siterubix.com. It is now called www.scam-or-dare.com. It will take some time and effort to bring it up to speed. None the less, please feel free to look around.

Your Host And Guide,

Paul Mindra

For: www.scam-or-dare.com

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  1. Good Morning Paul,

    On your Covid-19 post I found a link to BBC Future, the impact of corona virus on the environment. That is an issue that interests me. The moment humanity stopped moving the many ways it knows how, Mother Earth showed signs of recovering. The swans and fish came back to the lagoons of Venice. The Himalayan mountains became visible at a big distance again.
    Sitting in my workroom, I could clearly see the mountains in the background as there came no pollution from Malaga drifting inland.
    It did not last long, but the pollution is back and I wonder when will we learn. Not even the pandemic with the following crisis makes us understand we have to take better care of the environment as it is the habitat for future generations.
    The masks and plastic gloves are now part of the garbage we carelessly throw away. It is floating in the Mediterranean Sea, so sad.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi, Taetske.
      “The masks and plastic gloves are now part of the garbage we carelessly throw away. It is floating in the Mediterranean Sea, so sad.”

      I could not agree with you more. I see it all over the place here where I live in Southern Ontario.
      And the thing is that nobody wants to get close to it.

      There was a time that I would go around the neighbourhood and pick up litter on my daily walks.

      Now even I show apprehension.

      Thank you kindly for stopping by to say hello and leaving your comment.

      It is valued.


  2. Thanx Paul
    I need more info on D9
    I would like to invest like kshs 2 million
    Your take?

    • Hi, Kaari.
      Thank you for your comment.

      You would only require about 213,000 Kshs to set up each account.
      100% of that would have to be in Bitcoin. So, approximately 0.54 Btc.

      If however, you joined under someone that is already a member with back office money (points),
      only half of the $2050.00 USD would be required in Bitcoin and the remaining have could be converted by your sponsor in points.

      Yes, seems complicated.

      I am in Canada.

      What part of the World are you in?

      Depending where you are, I can connect you with someone already there.

      Let me know.

      Kindest regards,


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