1. For several months I have been having problems trying to get my money back. I need to contact me in order to explain my situation. I need my money back. Please contact me.(956) 236-1223 Thank you!

    • Hi, Jose.
      Thank you for stopping by to post your comment and say hello.
      Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands have been trying to recoup their money in this very elaborate fraud.
      Yes! everyone needs their money back.But it does not look good.
      If you want to explain your situation ‘Publicly’ you can post your situation on this site.

      If you want to keep it more personal, that option is available also.

      Let me know if I can help.

      Kindest regards,


    • I’m members to D9 Club since June 15/2017,but my account is blocked.
      I don’t problem,i need to help me for active my account.

      • Hello Akili.
        Thank you for stopping by.

        D9Clube is no more. They defrauded all of us and stole multi-millions of Dollars and bitcoin. Only the owners and a few hundred affiliates at the top made any returns.

        Very clever Ponzi/Hyip Scheme. They Started their Exit in Late August/Early September (about a month after you joined).

        You can read more here if you like:


        Kindest Regards,


  2. Like to see backoffic

    • Hi, Gabriel.
      We would all like to see our back offices.
      Nothing so far.


  3. I need to help me actived my account to business in D9 club .

    • Your Sponsor can do this for you.

  4. How can I confirm my d9 registration if I entered wrong email

    • Hi, Regina.
      Not sure how you can do this.
      Try logging in and using the ‘forgot password’ feature.

      Other than that, if your account is not already activated, you could register
      again with the proper credentials.

      Let me know how you make out.


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