1. Can’t log in can’t see the accounts waths going on open my 6/14/2017 never seeing noting no 💰

  2. Any idea what’s going on? My account shows zero balance.

    • Hi, Patri.
      So does mine and so do many others’.

      Right now, I do not know what to make of this whole adventure.

      What is really surprising to me is that many people already in the system are ‘signing up’ again blindly.

      I did not. I have been told by my upline that the 2,000 points plus ‘flushed’from the system in my back office will be paid back to me in March, 2018. (Seems like a dream…but I wil wait).

      So, I will wait before making another $2049.00 package package irregardless of how wonderful the new program is.
      My biggest concern is that I do not know what the D9.2 New Wonderful Program is because they do not communicate in the
      Universal Language (English) that we are all accustomed to. (I, personally smell another ‘cash grab’ topay the old D9.1, but do not ‘quote’ me on this).

      As you know, might know, I am an Infopreneur. I purchased a package from D9Clube and that gave me the right to write about the program under laws of ‘Free Speach,’ so that I could correctly write about the program.

      You can see the events and so forth right from February 2017 here on this site when I started following the progression.

      Just becaus I have not re-entered into the program does not mean that I am going to close my site and ‘Run-Away.’

      My intentions are to keep this site open and gain more and more information each and every day that we require regarding this program moving forward.

      Patri, although your account may be showing a ‘zero’ balance, depending on when you joined or how much you earned, your previous balance may have been moved into a D9B account.

      Try the following:

      Login into your Account(s).

      From the ‘Start Page’ in your back office, goto ‘My Extract.’

      There you will see four categories of points.

      Please see if you see some points there under the D9B account.

      If there is someting in any of those accounts, I might be able to help.

      You can email me personally with the results if you like: paulmindra@gmail.com

      or we can keep the forum open publically.

      Hope this helps somewhat.

      Kindest regards,


  3. My declaration is to actived my email address for my account of D9.

    • Go to your email account and click on the link to activate your registartion.
      That should do the trick. Then you can upgrade your account to the level that you would like.


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